04 January, 2012

Just getting through

We are back down south. Our last few days of Christmas break petered out slowly. New year's eve was a very quiet event and we were all in bed before midnight. New year's day was spent cleaning (the oven had had days of continuous hard core cooking, and if we don't leave it spotless, the mice come out to play), and driving home in the rain that evening. The kids had Monday off school, but not wrestling practice and there was, of course, the lovely Christmas Doctor Who episode to watch, twice.

Yesterday it was getting up in the dark again, trying to keep warm in this freezing house (-10C this morning....you should have seen what I slept in - woollen socks, woollen hand warmers, a scarfy cowl and a beanie!) and getting back into the swing of homework, activities and wrestling meets.

I'm just trying to get through this week, taking no thyroid hormone drugs for over a month now has really taken it's toll and I am constantly cold and excessively tired. I have my treatment starting tomorrow, so I am just looking forward to getting it done and getting back to some kind of normality.

And although I have set up camp on the couch, I have had the energy for some knitting, in between napping, (super warm cowls) which I will share when I have some energy for proper blogging- you know; with photos.

But for now, it's another movie, another cuppa tea, more blankets and a snuggly cat. Just trying to get through....

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  1. It sounds so cold there! It must be a real adjustment after being in Vermont. I so wish you could find a way to live up there as you love it so much, but I know that's not realistic. mum xxx

  2. blerk, doesn't sound fun... hope it goes fast George. Let me know any good movies you see!!!


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