23 November, 2011

A sneak peak

Before we head off for Thanksgiving long weekend, I thought I'd try and post some photos of what I've been working on for the last week and a half.
Unfortunately, it is disgustingly wet and dark today, so photos are not up to scratch....

 Some bookmarks and little crochet flower hair slides

A variety of hats in a range of creatures and sizes (all my own designs which is why they have so much...."character"...and they all need blocking)

 Some flower decorations which can also be used as gift tags- they can be written on on the back.  Made with a stamp I carved.
 More stamp carving- this time made into little stuffed bird decorations
 My acorns of course
 Some more prints
 one pair of booties- this is my own design (hopefully I'll get time to make some more)
Of course, everything that I have listed in Etsy will also be coming to market.  And I may even have time next week to make a few more things.  At the moment, it's not unusual for me to do 12 hour days.  Looking forward to some forced rest today and  tomorrow as my hands are starting to feel it a bit.

And in a few hours we go and pick up miss Ella who has been away for her first school camp.  Here she was at 6am on Monday morning right before she got dropped off to school.  She spent all weekend packing her bag- rolling all her clothes, labelling everything.  This girl knows how to travel!


  1. I hope Ella had a wonderful time at camp! All your wares look terrific, and I love the new little birds, but the acorns are still my favourite. Have a happy Thanksgiving!! lots of love to all mum xx

  2. Im SOOOOO excited for your stall at the craft fair George. Cant believe how much work you have done. They are gonna love it! Go George xxxx


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