19 November, 2011

A NYC day

Yesterday I had such a fantastically wonderful New York City kind of a day.  Very pregnant-with-twins friends of ours (from VT, but they live in Brooklyn) decided to have a "shotgun" wedding at city hall.  Matt had a meeting at lunch time, so we went in together: him going off to his lunch and me venturing south of Grand Central by myself for the first time in YEARS.  And it was wonderful.  Wandering around SOHO.  I spent a good hour perusing everything in Purl Soho - so nice to finally go there after so many years of reading their blog.  I really wanted to get one of these kits from Prints Charming that they were selling in the store as they had a sample and it was really gorgeous.  I really don't have the time or money (or eyesight until I get new glasses) at the moment though.

From there, I had a lovely lunch at le pain quotidien, before spending another delightful hour in an Anthropolgie store.  I decided right there and then that I would be happy to live in that store.

Eventually Matt and I met up again and walked down to "city hall" (a building that is part of city hall in a generally speaking, functional manner, but isn't the original city hall- but not to worry, they have a big picture of the original city hall in there for the newly married couple to have a photo in front of) to wait for our friends.  While we waited outside, there was a noisy occupy demonstration going on in the park across the road, and loads of police everywhere.

I am so glad I got to experience a city hall wedding.  We were told to get there at 3:30.  The bride was almost late, as they cut off registering and taking  a number at 3:45 and she was right on the dot.  So there was a lot of standing around waiting...and watching.   Talk about fascinating.  Seeing all the different people in there- some dressed to the nines, some more casual.  So many different nationalities and races and walks of life.  I don't think the actual "ceremony" was until just before 5, but we got to meet some really interesting people.  And it was so nice to go to a wedding as it's been at least 10 years since I have.  Afterwards we walked over to an Indian restaurant to celebrate.  A kind of perfectly NYC kind of wedding I think.


  1. Good one...You did have your camera with you? of course...

  2. How gorgeous, that was Estelle and Hendrich I gather. Are there any photos? Was their dog the groomsman? mum xx

  3. I do envy your day in NYC. I suppose the protest was the Occupy protest? And I love the Anthropologie shoes - some beautiful 40s looking things with lowish elegant heels. Very tempting. I'm sure you can whip up that owl in no time without a kit. I've been wondering whether it would be worth you doing some Hedwydd (or similar) type owls for the craft fair. Or is Harry Potter ancient history now?
    And I'm so glad you have experienced a City Hall wedding. Keep enjoying.
    Maggie XXXX

  4. sounds like the perfect day to me.. i am in the age bracket where it is just funeral this last couple of months...a fact of life i guess.


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