11 September, 2011

The path of progress

But first a photo Ella left on my camera...this amused me to no end! I can't look at it without a chuckle.

Ok, down to business. We started work on the path today. First some weed cloth... (all photos courtesy of Kit)

Then gravel

Then some very meticulous mini stone wall building. All those years of TETRIS may have finally paid off

Then I had the big boys (including Matt do the grunt work of bringing the BIG rocks down from the quarry

And slowly but surely the steps started coming together (and yes that is my idiot 17 year old working with bare feet)

We managed to get about half the path done...but we ran out of gravel to fill in around the stones (and do more).

Not bad for our first go at laying a path/stone work. And we were mostly just winging it as we went...no idea how it will stand up to the winter here....


  1. good one, do like stone paths, is that your own quarry for the big ones?
    Why weren't the big boys watching Rugger? I thought that would be taking up all their time.
    love Dad,
    who is busy thinking about essays and photoshop for a day or two...painting back on the agenda on Tuesday

  2. It looks gorgeous, but glad it's being done before I get there! Just joking, I'll be glad to help with the smaller stones! mum xx

  3. yep- all those stones were burried in our back yard, I think they had been a stone wall/foundation for the old barn that used to be there and at some point they were knocked down and used as filler.


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