12 September, 2011

More great works

One of the problems of going up to the house in VT for just a weekend is that we really only have one full day of work and one half day.  So the path was on hold for Sunday.  Instead, we tackled a project we've been wanting to do for ages.  
See where the wooden platform is?  That's the back door, that goes into the kitchen.  And next to that, right up against the house wall, used to be our shed.  Now, it's a nice little shed (you should see the plans Ella drew up to turn it into her own little loft apartment), but where it was, it was blocking light and sun to our little courtyard.  It was always damp and cold, and the snow took forever to melt right by that door.  Here's a before photo taken way back earlier in the year (before I painted the barn doors)

So we've been wanting to move it.  But, HOLY COW! it is heavy.  Ages ago, Matt went and investigated getting a fork lift, but they suggested trying to just use a log, and some 4x2 and slowly lever it corner by corner to where we needed it.  So that's what we did.  No progress photos, because it was all hands on deck to make sure the shed didn't fall; to reposition the logs; and to supervise keeping Honey out of the way.  And an hour and a half of moving it inch by inch and VOILA!
Look how much space we have!  Remi moved the log pile too, which helped. And behind that little wall there is my "quarry"...see how nice it will be when we level all that out and have another, slightly raised patio up there?
 And we even put the shed up high on some concrete blocks to allow more air to get underneath (it was a little rotten in a few places)...and made some little stairs...

 A good day's work before driving home.


  1. Well done everyone, what a team!! Who was the works supervisor? I bet your backs were aching after that exercise, but you must have felt so satisfied to have done it! mum xx

  2. I hope you got planning approval...re-arranging structures, hmmm...next you will be building decks without planning approval...I don't know where you learnt such behaviour.
    Good job but.
    the Planner

  3. The path looks so beautiful I hadn't realised it was so long since I looked at your blog. You do seem to do incredible things really quickly and so artistically and I can imagine what a nice little space Ella could make of the shed. Hope she's happy at school and would love to hear any of her stories.


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