08 July, 2011

Slowly Re Covering

Yesterday I wasn't feeling so good. A late night phone call from my brother in Korea had me yawning, and you have no idea how much yawning hurts...it makes everything inside my throat swell. But it's probably the first time in 2 years that I've spoken with my one and only sibling, so it was good, even thought I barely slept.

Anyway, it meant that yesterday was spent being very lazy and slow and sitting and crocheting (for a change from knitting) and I finally tried something I'd been wanting to do for ages. Yes! Covered rocks. I only had wool on hand and some old silk sewing cotton that I layered together, but oh what fun. I love collecting rocks...you know, the ones that just feel nice in your hands. We often come back from the river with one or two...maybe a bit of "sea" glass. And when they are woolly they feel even better.

I love how the crochet seems to replicate patterns in nature...spider's webs, shells and flowers. Definitely more of these will be done. In fact, kit and Ella went for a walk with Honey yesterday afternoon to collect some more for me.

I am so taken with the idea of yarn bombing/ yarn storming. I've been wanting to embed the YouTube video of the Belgian natural gas commercial where everything gets covered in knitting, but can't work out how to do it from my iPad. Hopefully you can look it up. Even this little vase of wildflowers got a little crochet cozy yesterday, but I forgot to take a photo. I could get very carried away with it all. As if my house doesn't have enough knitted and crocheted blankets everywhere...maybe I AM covering the house from the inside. But there is something so NICE, you know, about things covered in woollies...

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  1. Such pretty flowers, and I'm glad that Jake contacted you as he's been concerned. Have lots of 'nana naps' when you need them. (from one nana working long hours who wishes she could have one!)

    lots of love mum xxx

  2. You beat me to the crocheted rocks!! Yours look much better than others I've seen. Like you I am entranced with the idea of overlaying patterns from nature - I'm hoping to use Irish Lace type patterns - ferns, flowers, etc. One day... I've also just learned about Tunisian knitting, which is a type of crochet (!) that you can cut up and sew. Very exciting.
    Not sure that you'd want to post too many crocheted rocks around the world...
    Great that you heard from Jake.

  3. ps just got the re covering joke...

  4. you have no idea how much I love covered rocks. I want some and keep on thinking ill learn to crochet just so I can do this! Love them! I want them as door stoppers in my house! A shame rocks are so heavy otherwise Id get Lyn to smuggle some home from your house to mine!!! xoxox

  5. Perhaps after I have finished knitting all the beanies I inted to knit I could start knitting rock warmers..., will have a think about that...


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