15 July, 2011

By George!

I think she's got it!  I love that she persevered.  Read all my crochet books, especially this really good one, and worked it out.  She even went and spent some of her pocket money on hooks and wool and other things.  And I made her a little crochet hook case and gave her one of my project bags.  I love that she's into this...she wants to make a blanket.  These are her patches she'll sew together. And Ella set up this little photo shot.  She's a girl after my own heart.

 And that's not all.  We had 4 days back down at home and both of us were very busy.  We made loads of cool and funky bracelets and anklets.  These ones here are a favourite and fun to make.  Ella has also been using this tutorial to make friendship bracelets (none finished yet).
 And a crocheted belt which doubles as an anklet, or a groovy hair accesory.
 Oh, and Lilly is getting some love.  We thought we'd lost her.  She disappeared the other day.  We were so worried and even handed out flyers in the neighbourhood.  We were going to go up to VT last night, but I just didn't want to...  And SOOOO glad we didn't.  When Kit went to bed, he kept saying he could hear Lilly.  Matt and all the boys were outside with a torch trying to find her (Kit has a small room with lots of windows), but no luck.  Kit went back to bed and could STILL hear her.  Matt opened the drawers under Kit's bed, and there she was.  She'd climbed into his undies draw and from there up over the back of the draw to under the bed.  Kit had (shockingly) "tidied" his room and shut the drawer and she'd been trapped.  For 2 days.  As Oscar said; if Kit actually changed his undies.... but let's not go there.  If we'd gone to VT last night, it would have been a much nastier smell than cat poo we would have come home to...  We are so happy.  We love our naughty Lilly.  I am starting to think there is a children's book in all her adventures....

 But that's not all...  I also found some time to begin a new quilt.  I have started on my squares of blue...I will also use other colours.
 Taken in my studio trying to avoid showing all the mess EVERYWHERE
 I also did some wool dying.  I have been wanting to try using natural dyes again.  My first attempts a few years ago weren't very successful, but I have a new book and have made myself SLOW DOWN and follow instructions properly.  I have some bark soaking and have done two lots, but had to order some more fleece as I had nearly run out.  So more of that later....

And I even found time for one more crocheted rock.  It's only a tiny little one...maybe this one will come home in a suitcase for a certain sister in law of mine....  I know it's her favourite colour.
 It's nice to come home sometimes.  It is the one thing missing from our other house...my studio with all my creative supplies.


  1. Oh my goodness what an adventure Lily has had...so glad she was discovered un harmed...
    Love the bands and accessories Ella...cant wait to see the blue quilt Georgia...have heaps of fun with Grandma...she will be loving VT and the sunshine.

  2. Wow, you've all been busy. I love all Ella's efforts, and particularly her stripey tights. They are gorgeous.

    I'm so glad you found Lily, that would have been very tragic. It's Kit's reward for tidying his room. Give Lily a big hug from me!
    Mum xx

  3. ; )

    ohhh Kit sounds so much like Hattie for sure!!!!

    You have been SOOO busy creating! Love it. I must find a crotchet bracelet I saw once on a web site.... They look so gorgeous.

  4. Aunty Chelsea LOVES this bracelet!... http://www.kootoyoo.com/2010/08/contortionist-crochet.html

  5. Hmmmm it's hard to know if the moral of the Lily story is that Kit should change his undies or that he should not tidy his bedroom... but thank goodness you didn't go away. I like the idea of a book of Lily adventures.
    Very pleased about your crocheting, Ella - I can see the 3 of us crocheting serenely on the top of Carn Llidi. Or we could go to Abermawr and cover all the pebbles on the beach. I'm also intrigued by the crocheted teddy bear on the cover of the book - very rare to find patterns for crochet bears.
    Maggie XXXX


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