05 July, 2011

At the river side

I managed to walk down to the river with the kids this morning. Ella and Kit had wanted to catch tadpoles, but we couldn't find any, so Matt and the boys went back to get bathers while Ella and I waited with Honey.

She did catch some little fish.

And look away now if you don't like looking at scars, injuries and the like...plenty of warning, 'cause it's pretty gross. My surgeon put on a clear liquid bandage, so you can see all the lovelies going on underneath- my theory is he's advertising his work, or it could be just to make it easier to watch how it's healing. These are dissolvable stitches Chels, and I have no idea how many there are. But it's pretty nasty...are you ready?

Very frankenstein's monster...everything is very swollen, so it's hard to smile, or even talk. And definitely no shouting or singing for a while....

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  1. perhaps a scar on the neck is a sort of Mars thing, mind you I don't even notice (think about) mine anymore, so perhaps nothing a few years won't help disappear.

  2. I can't wait to be at that river one day.
    Took me a while to work up the courage to look at the scar - had to ask Steve if he'd seen it to gauge if I was up to it... have never intended to be a doctor or nurse... but I don't think it's so bad. I was imagining something like the one you drew on Ella when she was a baby for the Halloween party - big, black jagged stitches, etc - so I was pleasantly relieved. Plus you know all the remedies to minimise its visibility. You could always claim it happened in a duel. It's also a bit Harry Potterish. I haven't been well for a cuppla days - think I'm getting delirious...

  3. I didn't think the scar was too bad, but slightly bigger than I thought. I'm with you though Maggie - I can't watch Dr shows and spend some movies with my eyes tightly closed. George you must be so enjoying just being, in the sunshine and resting. It looks gorgeous, and I bet the kids are so relieved your hospital stays are over.

    mum xx

  4. ouchy! Dunno what I would do if I couldnt shout at the kids or sing for a while! Oh wait, Id be saner! Rest up George adn get well soon. I want Ella's legs!

  5. Chels, I call them Ella's Daisy Dukes- she has ridiculously long legs and arms in proportion to her body! And yeah, can't shout at the kids, or call the dog- luckily I can wolf whistle to get their attention. I was using my angry voice last week - not shouting, just using THAT tone that mother's have to use, and it made me puke.

  6. Wooow ...that is some trophy you have there...i hope you are milking it for all it is worth...i would never survive without my voice... Kelvin is more than partially deaf...he would love it!!!
    All jokes aside..speedy recovery Georgia....they do marvelous things with palstic surgery these days!!!!


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