04 June, 2011

more ninjas

This week I've spent countless hours watching rehearsals for the annual dance concert. HOURS. So much so that I'm not even getting tickets to watch the actual shows tomorrow. Matt even came to watch the dress rehearsals tonight. Unfortunately, he didn't get there in time to watch the martial arts demo. So I took a bunch of photos- as best as I could with the lighting and not being able to get up close to the stage. This year, Kit and Ella had two "solos"- one pattern and one staff pattern. They both look great. I wasn't able to catch any of the kicks on film, but here's a bunch of photos (particularly for my grumpy ol' dad)

Unfortunately I wasn't able to get any photos of Ella's Jazz dance or Kit and Ella's ballet dance as Ella has such a short time between dances to change (and had a major stress yesterday as she didn't make it on stage for her second dance), that I had to be on standby to help her get changed. I'll try and get some back stage photos tomorrow...


  1. stances have improved markedly
    thanks for those
    Grumpy old Dad

  2. I love the way Ella stands out so much in her white and her looong hair!

  3. Excellent! Good work kids. I love the serious expressions on their faces too- they really take it all seriously.

    Nan xx

  4. The sweetest ninjas... Shades of Jake and Kate many moons ago.
    Maggie XXXX


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