03 June, 2011

jasmine ninjas

I love getting packages...particularly surprise ones. Today I received a lovely package from my step mother Maggie and in it were these fantastic "ninjabread men" cookie cutters.

I didn't have the ingredients for ginger bread, but found a great recipe for lemon and jasmine cookies (a basic cookie dough with lemon rind and juice and 2 tablespoons of dry jasmine tea leaves). I've never made these before, but YUM!!! I have to say that I'm a fan of anything lemon, but these are really nice.
My decoration of them leaves a bit to be desired (using ziplock bags with the corners cut off), but the kids will be happy with them.

And speaking of ninjas...here's Ella doing the high jump at the school field day yesterday. She did really well- especially considering that all the girls who did better than her are either top level gymnasts or nearly a foot taller.

1 comment:

  1. Glad you like them and, even better, used them. I like the idea of jasmine biscuits - very ying and yang.
    Those kids are turning out very sporty...
    Maggie XXXX


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