10 June, 2011


This boy is a gorgeous today as he was 17 years ago when he was first born. He's a funny, fun, loving, caring, strong, artistic, clever boy and one of the best people I know.
He starts his end of year exams today, plays in the U17 CT state rugby team tomorrow. He is growing up (and up) right before my eyes. And I couldn't be prouder of him. He is a really good person. And a really good friend. And those eyes- Allergies. He's really suffered from them this year and he's constantly rubbing his eyes.
These were all the photos I could get this morning before he went to school. Wearing his CT state team t-shirt.


  1. Congrats Oscar

  2. awww we love you Osc... Happy birthday... Id love a piece of that cake! Still remember sitting in the back yard in Sydney and you making us all laugh when you said "pesto bedarong"...

  3. Hear Hear!!! You're a wonderful guy Oscar, and I remember you as a gorgeous little boy with big china blue eyes, and an insatiable intelligence about the world. Have a wonderful year as a 17 year old, and lots of love. Proud nan xxx


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