31 May, 2011

Our pool

The kids, being kids, have always wanted a pool. And now we have one. Would you like to come and see? First you have to see the wonderful job Matt did with the mowing...And yes, there's one of the doors I painted- from barn red to french blue. (the whole house needs to be painted on the outside this summer)
Here, follow Ella....just down the road a bit.
Past the meadows of grass. Down the dirt road a bit and then take the path off the track down to the river...
Ahhh...doesn't that feel better?

This is Honey's favourite stick.
We used to be able to see our house from this spot, back when there were no leaves on the trees, but not anymore.
Honey also likes to chase minnows and frogs...like this one...

There's even room for Dad to have a cool off.
And plenty of hot rocks to warm up on again.
Be careful when you slide on your bum into the water...

And (with Dad around to push things along and encourage risk taking) there's even a current that can be used as an infinity pool to exercise. Or just a fun water slide.
But you have to be a fast swimmer.
Ok, home again before anyone gets too burnt.
We had such a lovely long weekend away. It will probably be a month before we get up again...all that grass will have grown back. But now we have windows that open (thanks to Matt and his muscles), fly screens on most of the windows and doors, and a swimming hole to keep us cool...summer in VT is looking good.


  1. that looks absolutely fantastic fun!! What a lovley summer you will have! Did Matt dam up the river or is it naturally like this? And is it cold water, running off from the mountains?

    mum xx

  2. Mum, the river is naturally like this...there are other places where you can swim too. The water is definitely cool, but I was really surprised that it wasn't freezing. If I can go under, it's not too bad. But I just love standing in it!

  3. That looks truly divine, George. Had thought I'd make my trip (not this year...) around Thanksgiving and then to St Davids for Christmas - but I love the idea of the infinity pool.
    Maggie XXXX
    Couldn't comment yesterday cos the modem conked out Naturally your darling father went out and bought a new one today.

  4. ah bliss... so much like Ithaca. I love it. Cant wait to come one day.


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