30 May, 2011


It's been hot up here. 25-28 C each day, thunderstorms, MOSQUITOES!!!! But just lovely. I wanted to come up and just relax, but ended up painting the front steps and 6 outside doors...I just can't help myself. Although I've noticed that I'm going at a much slower pace. Matt mowed "lawns", or rather Matt attacked 3 feet of vegetation with the neighbour's mower...in some select spots. Today he drove back down to CT for the boys state rugby final ( which they won)- what a dad! It's nearly 9 pm and we are still waiting for them to get back. Ella and I spent the day working on her school project, having a swim in the river with Honey, painting of course, and now we are both outside in the dark- me by the fire and her up a tree.
Although I am starting to think that the mosquitoes are not paying any attention to the bug spray I have on!
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  1. Just to let you know I quoted your last blog in my seriously important end of semester essay...passed in today, I will be able to tell you our mark in a couple of weeks.

  2. so bizarre cause I so imagine VT with all the snow.... we saw so much of it in your photos..... now its hot.... I bet the river is great. slow down you...... you need someone to force you to rest!


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