02 August, 2015

A walk in Vermont

So, I had grand plans of walking every day while in Vermont this summer.  I am totally ashamed to admit that it happened only once!  I obviously need a dog to get me out the door as I've walked Meeka everyday since I've been back.

But I did go out earlyish one morning in our first week (about 7 am I think) and it was rainy, but I took my camera anyway.
 The West River (our river) looking down towards our new swimming hole.

 Living in VT I am constantly reminded that it is always a battle against nature.  I go and work on my house constantly because this is what happens if you don't.

this place is along our road.  I have no idea when/how/why it was reclaimed by nature.  But they are some impressive foundations.
Here's another one: this is on the corner and the story goes that years ago a stunt plane crashed into the house.  It's been in a state of decay since we've known the area, but it looks like someone is systematically taking it apart and sorting out what can be reused.

 Next door , up the hill, is this place which must have been stunning in it's prime.  An old guy still lives in this house (although I suspect that only one or two rooms are liveable).  He's a bit of a hoarder and there used to be all sorts of crap collected and piled up in his yard, although it looks like someone has been cleaning that up for him.
 Just a bit further up the hill is the wonderful SOLO farm and table restaurant.  We are so lucky to have this in walking distance from our house. We always try to have at least one dinner up there.  Outstanding food all locally sourced (if not grown on the premises).  We love it.

 And just a bit further another place that is looking worse for wear.  This place had a fire in the last year or so and it's just been left as it is.

 Once you get up to the top of the hill (when the pickups aren't zooming past) you get a beautiful view like this in-between the farms.

Not this one, anyway.

A lovely place to walk.

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