28 May, 2015

Who We Are

As part of the international baccalaureate, 5th grade students complete an "exhibition" with an area of study chosen by them.  The theme chosen this year was "who we are" and I went to their exhibition opening night on Wednesday and I was blown away with what they had researched and how they had taken action on their own topics.  From persuasive emails to the superintendent about a charity music concert, web pages set up with more information about mental illness, a new school uniform designed and made (so students could feel better about themselves), fishing clubs set up, and OH SO MUCH MORE, the students showed how taking ownership of their learning and embracing their interests and passions could really make an impact.  There may have been tears when I was watching the kids during their opening ceremony.  Oh how I love teaching 5th grade!

As the integration for art with this unit, we made masks.  We focused on the them of "who we are" and that knowing and embracing our passions can lead to life long learning.

I simply ADORE my grade 5 classes.  I only have 3 out of the 8 and I was determined that my kids were going to make AMAZING masks.  I created a planning packet and focused on the planning and reflection rather than the finished product.

I showed them some techniques: we had boxes of plaster bandages in the store room; much quicker than papier mache and so many possibilities.

Here's just a few of my favorites.  I can happily post these as faces are covered!

If you knew this kid, you would know this is TOTALLY him!!

This gorgeous boy is totally into music

this lovely boy needs some extra help in art (I shaped the nose) but he's the sweetest boy ever.  Was adamant that he was a wolf: shy at first, but ferocious and loyal.  

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