12 January, 2015


 On my first night in Vermont I announced to my gathered family that before our holiday was done I wanted a photo of all of us together.
 It didn't happen until the Sunday night right before Matt left to for NYC and his trip back to Singapore.
 4 very fast shots on the self timer.  I'll take what I can get!
 And a selfie with Steve and Heather next door...
 Kit with their pups
 A very whirlwind shot at my dear friend Mireille's as her 4 kids, her 2 nieces and my 2 descended upon pizzas for dinner.
 If you look closely it's NYC as we were heading to the airport in the taxi.
 The new boeing 777 plane that we took.
 Fantastic views of the setting sun (at 4:30 pm) as we flew out of New York.

And turned and flew right back over Darien CT where we'd just come from.

The mood lighting on the plane was a hit.
 But our favorite thing was the reaction of this lovely little fluffykins when we got home.

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  1. Family photos are fantastic. You all look as if you've had a great trip. Welcome back to this side of the world. Looking forward to seeing Oscar and Remi. love mum xxx


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