24 September, 2014

Here and There

Work continues to be a burden and a struggle in ways I won't even go into.

I make myself take Saturdays off and have been getting out and enjoying bits of Singapore; this week I didn't work on Sunday either for the first time since school started.

Some photos from the weekend:
Raffles City where I go for my massage every week.  I love the light through the roof with the tall buildings behind.
A new walkway (built but not yet open) between Orchard Central and a new, not yet opened, mall on the other side of Orchard Rd.  Looking up the wonderful street that is Emerald Hill full of wondrous retired Chinese Heritage terrace houses (and yes I want to live there!)
A lovely underused garden terrace balcony off the back of a brand new mall opened on the back of Orchard Central  (looking south from Orchard Rd)
The terrace overlooks the skate park (and Dad, THIS kind of view is the REAL Singapore these days)
 On the weekend I got to spend some time with Remi (and Ella).  Remi's working 3-4 nights a week in a bar these days and is at Rugby training two others.  I hardly ever see him, so we really enjoyed having him hang out with Ella and me on our Saturday afternoon date.  We even took him out to lunch!
Root beer float makes the boy happy
Kit was at rugby in the morning and usually comes home and sleeps after that.  He's not a fan of wandering and exploring and a bit of shopping, so we don't force him.  I had a lovely dinner out with all 3 of them on Saturday night.  Grand Prix night…we avoided the shenanigans.

Although I did snap this photo of lego constructed racing cars in the morning.
Gratuitous cat in a box photo
Matt has been away for nearly 3 weeks now.  He spent a week in London and a week in New York for work and was supposed to be coming home last Sunday.  BUT he extended his time in New York as he had so much work to do there and now will be home (fingers crossed) on Saturday.  As he had a full weekend in NYC he decided to hire a car and drive up to VT!!!!
Out at our wonderful VT restaurant with our wonderful VT neighbours

Not only did he get to see our new landscaping first hand...

Won't that be a wonderful place for a deck?!

More lawn than we had originally intended (i.e.: none) but it makes me SO happy to see that grass covering/keeping out all those awful weeds that I battle with every year. 

Flowers in my Garden!!

We love having a caretaker who can mow the lawn for us with just a few days notice
 …But he was there at such a gorgeous time of year...

Oh yes, I was jealous…we all were.  And now I can't wait to get up there for Christmas with the whole family, although the yard will hopefully be covered in snow.

I was surprised that the roof and windows weren't done, but when I think about it, it hasn't been THAT long since we left.  It just feels like it!!!!

Meanwhile back home alone…I just keep on journaling (enjoying it so much!)
I'm loving cutting out bits and pieces from Frankie magazines (love the texture of the paper) and adding/combining.  Top right is two very distinct photos put together and merged using markers. My journal is looking very full and nearly finished.

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  1. good stuff...back in Tria after half a day in Hobart and night in Bellerive....[been to art school about printing class next year.]


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