20 March, 2014

With Ease.

Today's mural painting was a washout. Yes, the drought has finally broken around here, but today was the first day since we started mural painting late last year that we've had to cancel due to rain.  Makes me nervous for the rest of the year.  I am enjoying the fact that the Haze has more or less gone with the rain.  I can breathe again!

Anyway, because we had some early minutes due to the mural painting being cancelled, Ella and I scampered home, played some tunes and did some sewing.  

So "Simon" the geography teacher has a shirt.  He also has limbs attached and a stuffed head (brain?) but I ran out of stuffing for his body.  Never fear, thought I, I shall make him a shirt.  I have never made a shirt before, but I have ironed plenty of them in my time, so I was aware of the basic pieces that go into the construction of one: Yolk, back (with pleat for ease), collar, two front pieces, sleeves and cuffs:

I am seriously a little in love with this shirt.  I have a bit of an uneasy feeling that when I do stuff him the shirt won't do up, but he's a kind of laid back guy and would be quite happy wearing that shirt open over a t-shirt.  Although I do get the full hipster look I was going for when it's "buttoned" up all the way.  At the moment he looks like he needs some chest hair for under that shirt...and some pants.  And looking at this picture I've realised that his arms are probably upside down with his "thumbs" underneath giving him the look as if he's walking along with his back to the wall or something.

Never fear!  I see a big weekend of sewing in front of me...  Let Simon's adventures begin!

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