17 March, 2014

A trip to China Town

 On Friday I had to go down to China Town to sign some documents, and thought I'd have a wander around while I was there.  I had to use to loo after a while, and the main public toilet there is in a beautiful temple.  While I've used the facilities before, I've never gone in to the actual temple.  It's open for visitors, with a pathway roped off, but somehow it feels disrespectful.  Anyway, on Friday I could here monks chanting, so I let my curiosity get the better of me.

 The grey dried things behind the big brown ball shaped ones are lizards.  Never seen that before.

A lovely little outing.


  1. That looks terrific! Sorry I've been out of contact with my Overland walk, followed by 2 days in Lonnie and then working on the polls for the election! The temple looked lovely, but I think I could leave the lizards alone!

    mum xxx

  2. Exciting...would I be right to think you are experiencing more of "real" Singapore this time than you did in your previous occupancy, or is it just that computers in 2014 allow you to show off more?

  3. What great photos, brings back lots of memories. Big hugs xxx


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