01 February, 2014

Gong Xi, Gong Xi!

I'm in the middle of our lovely 4 day Chinese New Year holiday and (womp wah) I'm sick! Yes, wasting all these days off with sneezing and coughing and feeling yuck. SIGH.  I feel bad for Matt who gets even less days off than me and can't do anything fun and interesting with me. Oh well.

Last week was a short week at school and on Wednesday we had our Chinese New Year celebration.  The kids all got to dress up in Chinese clothes or red shirts (a lot of them just wore their PE shirts). Unfortunately this year it was split into 2 performances with the little kids watching first.  I say unfortunately as I had to teach while my KG1s were watching and I would have loved to be there to see their reactions.  I managed to get in late to see the second performance though.

  I really wanted to see it because for the last 3 weeks in my KG1 classes we've been looking at lion dances, talking about them etc.  I brought in my lion puppet that I bought in China town so they could look at the details and then they decorated bit by bit a lion with coloured pencils and then sticking on cotton to make it fluffy.  This week we turned them into hats and at the end of the lesson the kids got to do a dance and we used yoghurt containers as drums and a metal butter dish I found as a donated item in the art store room as cymbals.  I didn't plan it to coincide with this week (the unit they are working on at the moment is to do with music and movement), it was just kind of serendipitous that they got to see the performance the same week we finished with it.

I wonder if twerking came about because of lion dancing?
At the end of the dance the lions present mandarin oranges to the principle of the school and he gives them a gift too.  They also throw oranges into the crowd (through their mouths)
 And then they weave through the crowd and get mobbed by the kids who just want to touch it.

 Appalling photos I know, but it was very low light and just my iphone.
 Then these guys come in at the end and shake hands with nearly everyone for good luck.


  1. So many ideas for Triabunna...

  2. I should also commiserate with you on your illness - and I do - but in my experience it is a teacher's lot to fall ill in the holidays.

  3. It occurred to me today as I drove through vineyards, with table grape vines covered because of the heat, that the covers could be made to look like dragons. A very wild effect for New Year.


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