05 December, 2013

Good things

I have an addiction to making these little crochet trees (I've seen similar knitted ones on pinterest, but I don't actually have a pattern for these...although my crochet class wants me to write them up one.). They make cute little gifts for surprising your colleagues on their desks.  I prefer them with wine cork trunks, but shockingly I've run out of wine corks and have had to make the trunks out of felt (the trick for getting them to stand up is to half fill the trunk with salt before stuffing).

 I am still loving the results of my grade 4 unit... My second class....

And I'm so excited/thrilled to be part of this community arts project with the school and a local community centre a few MRT stops away from the school.  Ella's art teacher had her grade make mini Singapore murals and from that she designed a conglomeration of their work into a mural.  Our CCA primed this wall a few weeks ago and 2 of my colleagues drew in the design in sharpie.

 Today was the first day for getting some colour up on the walls.

I LOVE doing this.  Even though we are using oil based paints, and it's 2 hours on a Thursday afternoon so I go from 1:30 to 5:30 without stopping; it is a balm to my soul and I am so happy afterwards.  Great kids (including Ella), and 2 lovely colleagues.  And what a great experience!  This is only a TINYT part of the walls that we've been given.  

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  1. Would you like some corks for Christmas...


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