24 August, 2013


I made it this week.  Just.  I had forgotten how much dealing with a class full of Kindy Kids is like trying to herd cats into a box!  Was slightly shattered at the end of each day, so have been very glad that I have a 4 day weekend.  Apart from yesterday, where I more or less did my own thing, most of this weekend will be spent planning for the next 6.  I do have to go out to get some supplies for the CCAs (extra curricular activities) that I am doing after school; I have chosen to do crochet and needle felting with the older kids.

Anyway, so while I get on with it, I have some photos from my sketch book for you.  My friend Simmy kept asking to see inside my sketch book, and while it's a bit like exposing your sole (and there is very little "sketching" that's gone on in there.  But I couldn't go a whole other week without any photos.  Enjoy.


  1. Soul, Georgia, soul. You're working too hard and have fish printing on your brain... Enjoy every minute.
    Maggie XXXX

  2. Ah yes! It was a super quick post I did on Friday before running off to a doctor appointment, and getting more uniform for Kit the growing lad. That will learn me not to read what I have written!

  3. Bloody Hell - it's gorgeous/amazing. As I always say 'you are so talented'. I'll have to come and visit to see the pages in all their glory but even ona screen they are beautiful. xx

  4. Me again, that paisley page would make great cards don't you think? And I fancy it as wallpaper too - hmmm. Let me know if you ever print up any cards with some of those pages won't you? xx

  5. Well done for getting though your first busy school week - it will get easier! I love you book. Arrived back from Broome this morning - what a fabulous place. mum xx

  6. yay! so glad it went well. Love the herding cats comment. My kinder girl has been home this week with a cold and an asthma attack that took us to hospital! Her teacher left us a message to say they missed her and it was very quiet!! Love your journal xx


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