25 July, 2013

That time

We only only have a few more days here. It's big time clean and sort and cherish time. Everything has to last another year until we are back in the house.

So these photos are as much for me as for you, and there will be a few of them over the next few days as, room by room, I get everything to a state of "perfection".

For those of you who have been following along at home, you may notice that I replaced the terribly heavy sliding doors that kept falling off their tracks with some curtains on the cupboards.

And that my lovely pottery barn coffee table is now in this room. That came about because today I swapped the cream coffee table with my neighbours for a lovely wooden one (which is out in the back room) as they are setting up their gorgeous barn apartment as an online B&B kind of place and needed a smaller table. SCORE!

Here you can see the curtains better. The white pair I had wasn't long enough, so I cut up and old IKEA table cloth that had seen better days and added it to the bottom. The two "things" on the wall above the curtains and the door are a Vietnamese flute that my Dad and Step mum brought back for the kids once and the neck from a gorgeous banjo (or mandolin, I can't remember) that my Dad gave to Matt to refurbish and he still hasn't got around to it....

And the dining room, which has looked like a fabric bomb went off in there for the last week or so is now lovely and clean and tid

I love this room in the late afternoon light. And I think this is one of my favourite colours on the walls.

Tonight it's supposed to get down to 48f (8-9c) and already it is deliciously cool. A lovely treat for us before we head back to the tropics....

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  1. Stunning!! I cant believe how hard you've worked x

  2. I keep putting off curtains... but one day I either need to get my sewing machine out or buy some!!!


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