01 July, 2013

some photos

So, not millions of photos.  My camera battery was very low to begin with and I haven't been consciously taking lots of photos.
For those who asked if we have seen Honey, Kit and Ella and I did and it was hard and strange and Oscar opted not to see her when he was up, I think because he felt it would be too weird.  And it is.  I get that.  As for Oscar's girlfriend, if you are friends with him on bookface you will have seen her.  She's a sweetie and it was really nice to meet her properly (they had just started going out when he left last year).

Ok, so some photos.  This first one was taken when Matt and Ella and I went out for breakfast one morning in Rowayton (just up the road from Darien).  Southern CT really is just beautiful in the summer time; so green and luscious.  You really feel that "summer" vibe.

 My husband is the worst for pulling stupid faces in front of the camera!  Here we are waiting at the train station in Darien to go into the city (NYC) for the day.  Matt has his suitcases with him because he stayed Sunday night with my Norwegian friend before moving over to Brooklyn to stay with our very good friends in their newly renovated apartment.

 We dropped Matt's suitcase off at Hilde's apartment in Gramercy and walked up town...
 ..for a very special mission.  Lucy, Ella's doll, was being taken into the American Girl Doll store for a little trip to the doll hospital.  She's getting some "work" done...some "plastic surgery"....on her head (as in a new head, but shhh don't tell her that).  We checked Lucy in and left her ready to be admitted and she will be sent back to us before we leave...with a lovely new head of hair and no more lazy eye.
 This is Hilde's gorgeous apartment.  Ella is already planning our next move from Singapore to New York so we can live in an apartment in a cool neighbourhood like this!
 Obligatory Grand Central photos....

 And I know this photo of Kit is out of focus but I had to take it quickly to get him and I forgot to manually focus.
 By the time we got up to the house it was darkish and I was a little depressed about the state of things, so I haven't taken lots of photos.  The house still needs a thorough cleaning, but I am slowly getting there with it.  Anyway, this was to show the fuss with the well (we are still having problems with silty water and may have to invest in a filter before we leave).
 And my new yarn stash...
 I have plans for making some shrugs and little bolero style jackets for school.  I am enjoying being able to just pick up some knitting and do a row here and there.  Especially as we work our way through our movie collection in the evenings.
We have done some work in the garden, but it really has rained every day but one since we got here (not good for all the outdoor painting I need to do).  Matt mowed for me, so we can actually get out the side now.  It was lovely having a full house this weekend with Remi and Oscar and Erica, although Oscar and Erica went home yesterday and Remi is heading off to Maine on Wednesday so it will be just us again...until Hilde arrives for the weekend.  It feels that time is going too fast.  I can't quite get my head around the fact that our real life is on a crowded tropical island, that I have a job to go back to and that we probably won't be back here in VT for another year once we leave.  


  1. Oh I am so jealous, I LOVE all of those places! t must be fantastic being back. Hilde's apartment looks so lovely. Hope Lucy is ok and we expect a photo of her new look! Say hi to Steve and Heather mum xxxx

  2. A good post, but would I be right to say that while you may be in Vermont it does feel as though Manhatten is starting to be what it is all about? Has Oscar a plan for next year involving a Uni somewhere? Will send you an email with what is currently happening (good) this week.

  3. sigh.... you almost want to be able to clone yourself hey and experience life in both places all the time xx

  4. Yes, Chels, a clone of myself would be good. So strange being here and catching up with friends. But oh so nice too.

  5. Can't wait to come and see you and your great place tomorrow!


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