10 June, 2013

Nearly there

Quilt top that I'm taking to the US to finish for my bed there...run out of time to do it here.
Three more days of school until we leave.  Kit had his 8th grade graduation ceremony on Friday.  I did take my camera this time, but it decided not to work at all...I fiddled with it a bit, but didn't want to miss out on actually watching the ceremony.  I was able to fix it properly when I got home, but alas, no photos.  Hopefully some will appear from school.  We also had his graduation dinner on Friday night which involved a lot of grade 8 kids dancing on stage.  Quite fun, actually.

A busy weekend for me studying up for an interview I have on Tuesday...yes, the day before we leave. Please cross your fingers and toes as I really want this job.  3 days a week teaching art to kindergarten and grade 4.  I spent all weekend reading documents on the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme as all the research I've done so far has been on the Middle school Programme.  I didn't sleep last night as I kept thinking about art teaching for little kids...

Also trying to book things for our stop in London and pack and get things organized to leave. Not to mention squeezing in a dinner to celebrate Oscar's birthday last night (although his birthday is today- but he has to work).  Last time we'll all have dinner together for a while, but hopefully the next time will be in VT...still trying to workout the logistics of getting us all together on the same weekend!


  1. ohhh that's fantastic news about the interview. Good luck good luck xxx Did the books come that I sent? Cant believe you are nearly done with school for the yr. There better be heaps of pics of summer holidays!! WE have some pics to send you of Rosie's cat and owl!!! She is in love with them xx

  2. Good luck with the job interview! Happy travels and happy birthday Oscar! mum xx


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