15 May, 2013

right now

 This is what my life looks like most of the time right now.  I sit/lie on my bed taking notes, art journalling, planning lessons, pinning on pinterest and surfing the interwebs for artists and the like.  I spent hours yesterday [sweating] on the computer writing up another art unit.  It certainly keeps me busy, but I have to say that I'm finding it hard to keep up the momentum when, at the moment, there is no job in sight. Thank god for Thursday and Friday textile classes and the enjoyment I get out of helping out with those!  And god only knows what will happen when we start school again in August (the thought that I might not be able to continue helping with these classes makes me so sad).

There are definitely days when living here is hard because I really don't feel like I have a purpose.  Today is one of those days.  I have finally reached that stage where I'm not required by the kids for most things.  Hell, now we have a live in maid, there is very little I am required to do. I have been very stubborn about keeping my position as lunch maker in the morning, otherwise there would be nothing that I do for them anymore.  It would be such a great opportunity to be really creative, but I'm just not in the right environment for that here.  Lack of space+lack of access to supplies+lack of outlet for selling work=lack of motivation.  I've been incredibly uninspired lately; I think it's because I'm no longer working towards a purpose. I do a bit here and a bit there, but I don't have the same momentum as when I am really inspired.  I feel a bit adrift in the ocean, and not really able to get stuck into anything.  And now it's less than a month before we go back to the states for the summer, so even applying for jobs is a little difficult.  I missed out on a job teaching English to Japanese (not really what I'm after, but at this stage I'll take almost anything) because I was already booked to go back to the states for 7 weeks.

So excuse the lack of bloggy goodness.  It's going to be a bit hit and miss around here for a while...


  1. Make sure the school knows that you want to become a teacher / be paid for what you do. Too often organisations assume that volunteers want to just volunteer and do not want a paid position. Plus it's less than a month till you'll be back on the States and home in Vermont... Focus on that!!
    Maggie XXXX

  2. arg, hard hard. But I just posted you those books today so look out next week. xx Love ya xx

  3. I'm sure when you get closer to going away you'll be glad you've got time to orgnaise things and pack and look forward to your trip. you can focus on the job hunting again when you return, or can you take a p/t art course so that you can be creating, creating?

    lots of love mum xxx

  4. Possibly a left field suggestion... I would suggest that while in Singapore it may be time to find a flash Tai Chi instructor...yes perhaps not paid work, but in the fullness of time could become a very important element of who you become and give a real meaning to your time in Singapore... somewhere out there there must be an instructor able to give at least a near equivalent to my Saigon Mhan Nhi experience.
    I could go on but you know where I am coming from, to include a very special local element to your total Art package.


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