06 April, 2013

Winding up our trip

I can't believe we only have two more nights here in Tassie. We've had such a lovely time, but not enough time....

Picking up from where I left off....we left the beautiful East coast, and headed over to Launceston via the road through Scotsdale.

This part of Tassie is green unlike a lot of the state which is very yellow and dry. We drove up into the mountains and back down into the Tamar Valley. We saw and echidna on the road, but when we stopped to look at him, he buried himself deep into the dirt.

In Launceston we stayed with a very dear old high school friend of mine, who (after living for years in Sydney and Woolongong) lives in a house just around the corner from the house I lived in when I was little.

We had so much fun with Anna who had us out in our bare feet in the cold crushing up grapes to make wine.

You know when it's a real friendship when you find yourself doing this in the kitchen after not having seen each other for 8 years!

Then on Friday morning, we took Rem out for breakfast to celebrate him turning 17(!) before hitting the road again and driving back to Hobart.

On the way we discovered bricks commemorating convicts brought out from Connecticut and Vermont!

We stopped in Ross for photos from the old bridge where it marks the distance (in roman numerals and miles) to Hobart

And Launceston....

We arrived back at Grandma and Grandad's house to find that Grandma had made this amazing Doctor Who birthday cake for Remi....

That night Remi and I went out to watch Mum's partner play in a gig at the docks, before having dinner together (Matt was catching up with school friends). Remi couldn't get over the clouds below Mount Wellington.

It's so gorgeous down here....there's the art school I wish I'd gone to!

This morning we went back to Salamanca market (although I still feel I'd have liked more time there) and met up with Matt's youngest brother who is visiting from Melbourne before driving up Mt. Wellington.

The view today was spectacular. I do love this town on the edge of civilisation that I call home.

Me, Matt and Sam.

The kids had so much fun scrambling over the rocks.

Some of the family


  1. Didn't get to Bruny? Shame, now that really is the edge of the world.

  2. Sounds like we won't get to catch up but I can do coffee / lunch over the next couple of days

  3. Your trip looks amazing! Cant wait to see you to hear all about it. We've missed you here!!x

  4. Love the pic of Remi on the rocks - wow! :)


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