28 April, 2013


I think I probably paint about 4 or 5 different paintings before I get to where I want something to be; all on top of each other.  This is probably version 3 or 4... It's not quite how I thought it would turn out, but I am really liking the sultry sky.


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  2. You're so inspired - that's great. I want you to teach me so I can paint Rosegarland. mum xx

    PS nan says everyone who comes to her place loves your cushion. How much for one? I might be able to take orders.

  3. Another comment...does look to me as that painting is inspired by looking across D'Entrecasteaux Channel towards North Bruny ...a perfectly reasonable view to be inspired by,

  4. It's not dad. It's very much inspired by the view out to sea from my friend's apartment here, looking at Indonesia. it was supposed to be filled with ships, but anyway....I'll do an updated photo today....it's looking very different now.


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