02 April, 2013

Down on the farm

We've been having such a lovely time down on my brother and sister in law's farm. Chelsea is a very talented photographer, and has a lovely little studio for meeting clients in.

And look what's happily sitting (and looking fab) on her fantastic yellow couch...my owl pillow which I gave to her.

I've been loving all the gum trees; the colours, the textures!

A stormy grey sky against the bleached wood of a shed.

I had a great time wandering around in the wind taking photos of iconic Australian images... A shed with gum trees around a dried up pond.

Pigs in the afternoon sun...

Water tanks and corrugated roofs.

And we had a big walk in the bush too. Gorgeous. The sights and smells.

We've been back at grandma and grandad's house for the last few days, we've hired a car now and tomorrow we're heading up the east coast to visit my auntie and another friend, before going across to Launceston to stay with another friend from highschool.
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  1. a lovely look at your trip to Tassie..you did catch up with all your favourite people and places...XXXX


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