29 March, 2013

What we've been up to so far

Hanging with grandparents, who we had a lovely day exploring with,

Visiting historic places (that's Ella on Australia's oldest bridge), feeding ducks and nasty geese.

Eating meat pies...

Visiting old "gaols" and mazes

Some rock climbing


Hanging out and exploring with cousins

Can you tell who's who?

Trying "bubble tea"

And mucking around at the park.

There's also been a big Easter egg hunt, lots of fresh air, good meals (grandma cooked us lamb!), and lots of laughter.
Tomorrow Matt and Remi join us, we celebrate my grandmother's 85th birthday and visit Salamanca markets.
Let the fun continue!
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  1. oh that pic with all the girls hair is too scary for words i really had to look hard to see who was who...love the slide ..so glad you went there and bubble tea is my favourite of favourites (we have one in Launceston now so i can feed my addiction ..looks like you are all having so much fun catching up ...so special for the girls to see their cousins... Happy Easter to you all..XXX


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