01 February, 2013

A very good day

Matt's brother Dave was in Singapore for around 12 hours today on his way back to Tasmania from a conference in Sri Lanka.  After going up to Kit and Ella's school for a chinese new year cultural concert which was great, I met Matt, Dave and Oscar and we spent the day exploring Little India and China Town.  I had a great day, and I promise I will post some photos tomorrow of our outing, but for now, I will leave you with the thing that capped off my evening.  My friend Jo sent out these photos by text tonight of the instructions for her new rice cooker.  After nearly peeing my pants reading them, and with her permission, I share them with you.  May you get the same kick out of it that I did!


  1. Great fun, did it come with instructions in English as well? Was the writing on the actual pot in the same language? Of course I could be cynical and suggest that is actually what some in some Asian countries think they have been taught/learned as English.
    Nice that you are enjoying visitors with Tasmanian connections.

  2. oh . my . goodness ....!!!!

  3. i so want one of those rice cookers ...PLEASE ...he he he hehhehehehehehehehehhhheeeee...


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