01 December, 2012

The play's the thing

Kit and Ella have been working so hard preparing for A Midsummer Night's Dream.  Lots of rehearsals, often getting home at 7pm after being at school all day (and for Kit. after having left the house at 6:30 for swimming).

I got asked to do the make up for the fairies at the last minute (and there were a lot of fairies), but 3 of us ended up doing the hair and makeup for the whole cast in a very short and frantic amount of time.

 I was very impressed with Kit's costume  (as Dimitrius).  Since he was little we have said that he was going to grow up and be the dictator of a small nation.  How did she know?

 Ella's role as a fairy included some dancing and singing (a very difficult song which they did so well)
 Kit's role involved lots of shouting.  He still hasn't properly got his voice back from school camp back in early October...and now I know why.

 And in classic school Shakespeare, there was a conga line which Matt got pulled (literally) into by Kit,
 And a Stamford Style (aka Gangam style) song at the end which was so funny I din't take any photos.

 I was very pleased that Oscar and Remi made it to watch.  Remi had his first school rugby game at 5 and I needed them to get to school by 7...which they did.

This morning we are back at school for the Christmas extravaganza including the craft fair.  I think I'm totally organised...just need to go and shower and get dressed.


  1. How wonderful. What an amazing family you are. Kit and Ella look perfect for their roles.
    Did the show include the Pyramus and Thisbe bit? I'd love to see Bottom!

  2. Truly amazing, big hugs all round

  3. Fantastic, Kit certainly looks like he was born to that part, and Ella looks gorgeous. What a busy time you had and it was so lovely to see all the photos.

    mum xxx

  4. looks like a great event....very talented lady too who did all the make up and hair...XXXX

  5. Your two little dancers look absolutely adorable!


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