20 December, 2012


If anyone else is a frequent reader of blogger blogs on mobile devices and is annoyed (like me) at the way blogger suddenly changed the mobile formatting, I have 2 tips for you:

Firstly, you can go into your own blogger account and turn off the mobile formatting of your own blog (which I have done...sorry for those out there who like it, but I access my own blog on my iPad regularly and need to see the full page format) but obviously from a computer, not a mobile device...because you can't access the settings anymore from a mobile device....

secondly, when reading other blogs; if you delete the "1" where it says m=1 at the end of the URL and replace it with a "0" so that it now says m=0 you will get the full page format.

Not sure how relevant that is for most of my readers, but I had to put it out there after a day of frustration. I really don't like it when Internet people change things without asking you (I'm looking at you Facebook).

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  1. That was probably very cool if I could understand it, it may be being a stroke survivor (yes I know, my excuse for everything) or could be I'm just getting too old.


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