05 December, 2012


 I still haven't decided if we are going to have a Christmas tree here, or if we do, what kind of "tree".  But for now, since we are into the month of December, I thought I'd make the most of our interior stairwell and my snow flake ornament collection and make my own Christmas display. ( I could have hung lots more from up there but I just got too hot)
 Some rigging attached at the top of the stairs (string thrown across the banisters) and lots of fishing line dropped down and we have our own snow flurry.  Drove the cat crazy while we were doing it and we were worried she was going to launch herself into the stairwell from a few stories up.  Since we've finished she hasn't looked twice at it.
 We have candy canes and nisse from Ikea, along with a shiny silver (plastic) Christmas tree (also from Ikea)
 I have also put my jewellery stag, that Remi gave me for Christmas a few years ago, down in our entryway along with some left over acorns,  a crocheted rock and a basket from my craft fair.

 The little hearts on the stag I made this week.  Years ago (after living in Norway) I used to make lots of salt dough bits and pieces for gifts for Christmas.  I'd seen this "salt" dough on pinterest, made with 1/2 cup cornflour (corn starch) 1 cup baking soda and 3/4 cup of water heated into a pan until it thickens then kneaded into a dough.
 It makes a lovely soft white dough (looks like porcelain) which can be rolled out and stamped then cut into shapes.  I found I needed a lot of cornflour on the bench top to stop it from sticking (may be the humidity here), but with a heart cutter and a straw to make holes, I made a lot of little hearts, which I then baked at 175C until they were hard.

I then brushed ink from a stamp pad into the grooves and wiped it off again with a damp cloth (then put them back into the oven just to make sure I got all the moisture out) before giving them a lick of varnish.  I played around with various colours, but this was the effect I liked the most.
 I really like the effect, and much prefer this dough to salt dough.  It's finer and whiter and doesn't leave that horrible salty feeling on your hands.
 I don't think they will last for years as they will disintegrate once moisture gets into them, but I suppose they could always be made with polymer if you wanted them to last. Cute for a little ornament, or gift tag.
Waffle likes them (well, she likes to chew their strings).

POSTSCRIPT: it seems Waffle has discovered the hanging balls and snowflakes.  I took this video of her being super cute and then had to spend 20 minutes untangling them (and shortening them)


  1. Now that looks like Christmas!! Waffles (possibly from Raffles) is one lucky cat. Half expected to see a small a tiny christmassy heart on her collar.

  2. Now that would keep a cat occupied for hours on end! I still love your acorns. Received the latest Christmas decoration today but have been good and not opened the parcel. mum xxx

  3. Hi Georgia, Lovely decs as usual. How do you make everything look so simple and stunning girl.

    Going to try that dough stuff but can you tell me if baking soda is what we call bicarbonate of soda?

    Haven't been visiting you much of late as my Dad passed away at the grand old age of 93 so been up and down to my Mums and dealing with stuff.

    Looks like your house is really looking very homely now.



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