09 October, 2012

A meandering post

We are slowly settling into the house.  After a weekend of unpacking, with Kit and Ella both recovering from camp where they had a wonderful time, it was back into school this week.

The trip to school for Kit and Ella is wonderfully easy now, although both of them still need me to help them out with the buses and where to come out of the right exit at the MRT station for a few days longer.  Poor Remi has a longer trip, but he seems to be coping ok.  I think he's enjoying the freedom of just being able to get around on his own.

The house is starting to look less half unpacked, although it will be a while until we have all the furniture we need and I still need to borrow a hammer drill to be able to put all my art work up.  The walls (and floors) are all concrete.  I have to say that my archilles and knees are finding all the hard surfaces such a strain and I come down the stairs in the morning like a cripple.

Anyway, here are some photos I took of the house this morning before I went out.  It really feels like the downstairs is an apartment...there's just lots of bedrooms stacked on top.  
 Looking from the kitchen to the lounge room.
 Dining room

 from the dining room down to the front door
 Lounge room (still needs a lot of work, but waiting for a start to get our money back to replace the boookcase that the movers broke).

 The landing outside our bedroom
 Our bedroom.  (I have to say that the IKEA mattresses I bought are so comfortable)
 The bed is possibly not in the best place, but it is a weird shaped room and once we get a bed I may move it to the other wall.
From the landing outside our bedroom looking down at our neighbour's yard where they have at least 3 dogs all of which bark and yap fairly consistently throughout the day.  Funnily enough, it is the little yappy dog that drives me the most nuts...the puppy that is tied up there in the photo I can forgive.

Ok, on to some photos I took today with the trusty iphone while I was out with Oscar.  He took me to a  mall on Orchard rd that I hadn't been to yet.  You start by going up the escalators that are on the outside of the building.  Up and Up and UP!
The views are quite stunning and somewhat scary when you look down

 But wait, those escalators just keep going up and up...

 Then suddenly you are on a roof garden with some restaurants and bars
 But even that's not the top.  It then goes up to another roof garden more restaurants.
 By the time you get to the top, you can't go back down the escalators, so you have to take a lift. This is looking down the lift shaft, although the lift itself wasn't glass.
 The mall is really strange with only a few shops inside, and no real interior.  Really tricky to navigate your way around.  But there's a huge climbing wall (that grey thing in the distance)
Always fun to explore new places.  I wish I could carry my big camera around with me, but there is so much to carry around every day (tomorrow I will do a post on what you need to carry in a Singapore handbag) that I can''t take anymore weight on my shoulders.  Every day I pass interesting things....like this morning after I dropped the kids off at the MRT station (they know the way to school from there) I walked the 2.5 km home to the house and passed the international society for the red swastika building; covered in red swastikas. Didn't know there was one.... (and I didn't even have my iphone with me then for a photo).


  1. Good one Snork, is that a huon pine bowl on the table (no I didn't say that)...what does the shopping complex do if it doesn't have shops or if it does what sort of shops? I thought seemingly wrongly that nowadays shops liked to be on the ground floor, old style department stores being a thing of the past...that is what planners in Australia have been told.

  2. Good find Oscar, it's a bit like the Pompidou building in Paris. At least the escalator looks like it has safe high sides! And what an incredible thing to have a climbing wall up there, Is indoor climbing popular in Singapore?

    Your house is looking more like you guys. I hadn't realised the lounge has the sundeck area outside; I thought you just had that roof garden on top. But that should be a lovely area to sit out when you've got your twiggy barrier finished.
    mum xx

  3. oooooooooo this is exciting.............

  4. Dad, i would forget everything you think you. Know when it comes to Singapore and shopping malls. They are a world unto themselves.

  5. House is looking great. Must be lovely to be feeling a little more settled. Miss you xxx

  6. the escalators one the outside would freak me out! House is looking greta. So good to see all your stuff in there!!!

  7. ps I love it that you and Osc go on all these adventures together!!!!

  8. love peeking into your new digs. so different to your quaint old new england house hey!! you've made it look nice and homey already!


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