16 September, 2012


So while we don't yet have the front door keys (we have other keys), we are all signed up on the house.  YAY!   We spent a few hours today doing inspection and signing documents.
I did take my camera to take photos, but I was given the job of going around with the agent and doing the inventory (I know exactly how many lights are in each room etc) and checking for any previous damage.  By the time we had finished with that the kids were ravenous and we had to go and feed them.  

As a result, the photos were all taken by Remi on his iTouch...but better than nothing I say.
So, come for a bit of a tour....

Looking down the stairs to the living room.
 Looking down the stairs from the very top to the (almost) very bottom.  Did I mention there were a lot of stairs.
 The boys are really taken with the roof top deck and are already planning the parties....  I think it's more a night time thing as it was really hot and sunny up there today.

 Looking from the dining room up to the living room.
 Looking down at the front door.
 Kitchen - well, the "dry" kitchen.  The "wet" kitchen (with the stove/ oven) is in a little room off to the left.  Still not exactly sure where we are going to put a fridge....

Outside looking towards the back.
 The "back yard"... this is where we will "sun" (ie dry) our washing.
 Remi got to choose his room from the two upstairs (3rd level) bedrooms, and he took lots of photos of and from it.

So there you have it.  As you can imagine, I'm dying to get our shipment delivered and start buying furniture (BEDS!!!) to put in there.

Oh, and Oscar just sent me a panorama photo he took from the roof deck...


  1. fantastic! love it. cant wait to see all your stuff in there. So excited for you xx and a few times up and down the stairs a day and you wont need to go to a gym!!!

  2. Looks great. One thing off the worry list - must feel good xxx

  3. Good one. Surely the last tenants had a fridge, perhaps you could put it in to the drummers room...but what would a drummer need a fridge for?

  4. You're all going to be so fit going up and down the stairs - I can imagine honey sliding on those floors when she gets there. Glad the kids are excited too. Which is the guest nook? Mum xx


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