15 August, 2012

School uniforms

Getting there in terms of all our organising. Remi has his school time table and has had his orientation, Kit and Ella have their school orientation on Saturday. But they all have their uniforms now:

Kit and Ella in their sport's uniforms...

(it has LIONS written in big letters across the back)

And their school uniforms (complete with hats and back packs). They were so excited to get their uniforms today.

Remi is unimpressed with his school's uniform. He doesn't like all the navy on navy. I like it, although I think it's funny that the two schools have almost the same uniform, just in reverse.

You can see some of our little apartment in these photos. Thank god it's only temporary, as it is rather small. We are all still a bit jet lagged, it's 8:17pm and I am seriously desperate to go to bed. But we are slowly finding our feet. Things are familiar, but oh so different too.

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  1. How did the Maths exam go for Remi? Uniforms look great.

  2. Rem didn't do so well on the math test, so for now they're not letting him take the higher level course. There was some stuff he hadn't covered, some he covered 2 years ago and couldn't remember how to do, and he was on the verge of that total jetlagged induced melt down; which he succumbed to when we got home. They said there is the possibility to go up to the higher level, so we'll see, but because he wasn't able to take Math at the higher level, he's having to take geography at the higher level....something he doesn't really enjoy and kind of sucks at. There are definitely quirks in the IB programme.

  3. Please tell Rem that Grumps said that geography can be turned into the most exciting subject ever, while you are learning it at school it may seem daggy but eventually it evolves into whatever you want it to be, google maps, art, history, maths, graphs, cities, mining, the world, tourism whatever. Not forgetting planning of course...I remember I tried to explain that to you a long time ago and you didn't get it (not the google maps bit it should be said), so I don't really hold out much hope, but still I believe it is true.

  4. Yeah, except that he wants to go into sports medicine....

  5. Hopefully Remi will be able to move up into the maths somehow. They all look very smart. I can't wait to hear about the kid's schools and I'm glad that Kit and Ella are excited. Good on them for being so positive. Has Oscar got the opportunity to take an art class? I suppose it's too early to tell yet.

    Have a swim for me; it's so freezing here and I miss that pool in Kakadu!

    mum xxx

  6. kids look great. I like the blue and white! When do you move into "the" apartment? What is Osc up to?


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