07 August, 2012

Getting there

Only 2 more sleeps until we leave VT. We spent today organising our air shipment, putting more stuff in our storage shed and cleaning. It is all happening so fast. What will follow are some photos of the house...I wish I could make the photos nice and big, but the ipad doesn't let me. I'll also do it in multiple posts because otherwise it won't load. So read on...

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  1. Anonymous8:13 AM

    Good luck with the move, George. Looks like all is going well! Are you all going? Let me know if you make it back to Tassie at some stage xox
    Fiona L

  2. Wishing you all the very best. We are going to MISS you SOOOOOOOOO much. I really wish you were not going back to Singapore, but I know it is just a new chapter.
    Big hugs and kisses
    Nicola xxxx

  3. Steve7:20 PM

    Good stuff, give us a phone number when you get to Singapore
    love , and have a goood trip

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  5. Your place looks great!
    Good luck with the big move, I am sure it will be another exciting chapter for you!
    I can't believe you are leaving the exact same day as I arrive though!!

  6. Wow I can't believe you've done so much. Does this mean someone is moving in straighaway? It's all looking so lovely, well done! I hope you can find accommodation in Singapore that has a wonderful pool (like last time) and you can soak up and sun, swim and rest!!

    Let me know the phone number. Have a good journey. mum xxxx


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