13 August, 2012

Break on through to the other side

A bit of DOORS for you as it kind of sums up how surreal life seems at the moment.

After a lovely few (hot!) days in NYC, we got out to Newark in record time and checked in...to the business lounge. Seriously, business is the way to travel. The kids loved being able to help themselves to food and drinks. I enjoyed reading Scandinavian magazines (a shared SAS Singapore airlines lounge). They even served a dinner at 9:30 pm before we boarded the plane at 11 pm.

I thought I'd taken a photo of the kids in their business class seats when we got on the plane (but it was Matt); you should have heard to squeaks of delight coming from Ella. The flight was 18 and a half hours, direct. That it a looooong time to be on a plane. And even with our "lets try to sleep as much as possible" plan, it's 5:36 pm here now and we are all pretty shattered. And for Heather: we were served a 3 course supper when we got on the plane, an optional "snack" (the kids had belgian waffles thinking that was breakfast), and then a full 3 course breakfast 2 1/2 hours before we landed. How is it that you can get so hungry sitting on your bum watching movies for so long?

We arrived in the dark (I'd forgotten how late the sun comes up here) at 5:30 am. It was all very strange arriving in the dark in the morning when it felt like night time. We checked into our very tight serviced apartment here (this will be interesting) and had to wait for the pool and shops to open (we were hungry again). It was actually really mild here today; I found the pool cold. All we've really managed today was a swim, lunch, a supermarket shop, and dare I say it? a nap. As I type this, Matt and the boys have gone out to try and find a charger for all our computer/apple devices and I am trying desperately to keep Kit and Ella awake. Ella keeps drifting from vertical to horizontal, and they both failed to notice when the show they were watching on cartoon network switched over to mandarin; I looked up from my typing and they both had a very glazed expression. Poor Remi has a two hour math assessment to determine his placement tomorrow. And Matt will have to go into the office. It all feels a bit like we are on vacation at the moment....but I am sure that will change once reality sets in...

Enough jet lagged rambling from me. I really just meant to check in and let you all know we arrived safe and sound.

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  1. Good fun! I am disappointed you left NY before I arranged my gallery there, but I am excited that you are only $500 or so away, and a two hour time difference...phone number please or give 0350273436 when I am not at uni a ring.
    love heaps

  2. yaaay., been thinking about you all day. Ive been jet lagged today. Out like a light at 5pm. Dave had to wake me up. Now Im UP and raring to go at 11pm! On the way home I watched 6 movies!!!! he he.. LOVED it! Cat wait to hear how life is settling in. Think Dave is going to Vietnam next month so I bet he'll love to catch up. Good luck in the coming weeks. And good luck to Rem in his Maths xxxxx

  3. Wow! Glad you got business class cause that's a long time in the air. I hope the kids have a week to recover before school starts. Sandy and Leigh arrive in Singapore next Monday night and she'll email you, but if you have a phone number pass it on to me and I'll let her know before they leave for Sydney at the end of this week. I hope it continues to feel like a holiday for a while...
    mum xx

  4. Glad you have arrived safe and sound. We are going to miss you terribly, but will keep up to date at a minimum through your blog. Has your email address stayed the same?
    Nicola xxx


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