09 June, 2012

We're back!

In the end we had a fantastic little trip to Ottawa.  The trip to the embassy went smoothly and even the trip home was a dream compared to our trip there....

Here are some of my fav photos from the trip, hot off the camera.  It's late, and we have the mammoth dance concert tomorrow, so while I have lots of thoughts and impressions that I'd love to share, right now, it's just some visuals to whet your appetite:
We loved getting the car service to the airport.
FINALLY on the plane

Our Quebecoise hire car: Je me souvienes

Driving around in the hire car to get the lay of the land...notice the map reflection
Thunderstorms in the evening...
...with huge raindrops (our hire car from our motel window)
Korean BBQ : all you can eat.

Byward markets; our favourite place to hang out. 

Les bicyclettes (or something French like that)
The weather was so nice the boys bought tanks: "sun's out guns out" 

The national gallery where we saw an amazing Van Gogh exhibition
I got told off right after this photo- no photos in any of the galleries at the art gallery.  Oops.  So glad I got that though.
In the foyer of the art gallery

The locks on the Rideau canal 
The Rideau canal locks looking across to the Quebecoise city of Gatineau
At the top of the locks

So pretty on the water
The parliament building on the hill

The parliament library

The slightly more purple than the photo shows amazingly scented rose that was EVERYWHERE around the city.

A happy me having lunch on a "patio"

Ella dancing with the dancing bear statue.


  1. tres bien, je was going to advise re Picaso exhibition, vois pres it dans le New Yorker mais je ne pense pas vous would be their long enough....

  2. beautiful! love seeing you guys looking so happy.

  3. How lovely, you all look so happy. Love that Parliament Library building and the dancing bear! Love to you all and special birthday greetings to Oscar. mum xx


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