03 June, 2012

Last round of dance photos

 Jazz/Hip Hop class this time.  And yes, there were wigs!  Can you imagine the chatter, squealing and preening that went on with this many pre/early teen girls and wigs?

I have to say that I'm not a huge fan of these staged group photos.  But this is how they do them every year.  The last 2 years we haven't been able to afford to get these photos which is why I take my camera along to class.  When the kids danced in Sydney, they had a photographer come to the dress rehearsals and he was on the stage, or just below it taking photos of the kids while they danced, and they were gorgeous.

 Kit was supposed to be wearing a "robot head" cardboard box, but after one run through, decided it was too hard to dance in as his vision was too restricted.  He did get a wig with the costume, so we might have to cut it a bit to make it less girly.  If he didn't have a ballet dance after this one, I'd get some spray colour to put in his hair.

 It looks like Ella is dancing on her own here, but I just managed to get her in shot on her own.
 He has a little kind of solo where the girls stand and clap and he kind of freestyles.

I love the look Ella's giving him in this.  I have to say, he was really good.  I was surprised, because he hated Jazz ballet, but he really gets into this. Ella's still a little awkward looking when she dances.  Whole other way of moving to what she is used to.  But they both love the class- it's fun.  I've watched it twice, and I wanted to join in!


  1. Fun! I want one of those wigs. No wonder Kit wanted to get rid of that box from his head... You must be glad when the costumes are simple and less costly but still effective! x

  2. he he, so funny! Ella reminds me so much of Remi in these pics.

  3. I hope they continue to dance in Singapore, and I get to borrow that pink wig. Gorgeous.
    Maggie XXXX

  4. Believe it or not, the costumes all cost the same price.

  5. Wow! Ella looks fantastic in that pink wig. I have one too - wore it for a gospel performance, so I'll have to send you a nanny photo. I really don't know how Kit could see at all in that box.

    mum xxx

  6. love it that Kit is poking out his tongue about having his photo taken with all those cute girls...give him a few years and he will be in his element, puffing out his chest and trying to hug them closer.... he he...love the pink wig on Ella....it will look good with her colouring if she decides to dye it that colour later on...(hope not though) all the girls are experimenting with colours these days.


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