12 June, 2012

In the middle of the night

 We were woken just after midnight last night by police cars in our yard and voices and finally the door bell rang.  The garage up the end of our property here in CT (so our landlords) was on fire with 30 foot flames.  There were police cars everywhere and 2 fire engines plus a couple of fire department trucks.
When I woke up at 6 this morning the last of them were just driving off.  Most of the damage is on the far side of the garage, but it will have to be knocked down.  It's where our landlord kept his extra stuff from his restaurant.  I took photos to show the 3 youngest kids who slept all through it- even when we went in to their rooms to close the windows.  I'm a bit tired this morning....

And the damage


  1. Wow!!! Was it deliberately lit, or did the firemen give another cause? No wonder you're tired this morning! mum xxx

  2. Wow indeed. I was also thinking the same - insurance job? Glad to hear that it didn't affect your house. Great photos. Nicola xxx

  3. Well perhaps a relief that you could not turn it into your studio, but a shame really it was such a wonderful building with such potential, if completely under utilised...is sort of interesting timing, not that I am suspicious or anything.

  4. Oh man, I felt sick when I first saw the pics. I thought it was your house. Thank goodness no one was hurt.


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