01 June, 2012


 Poor Rem has been largely missing from photos lately.  He injured his shoulder early in the season, went back too soon and injured it again (worse) in his first game back.  I went off to VT for the weekend thinking he wasn't going to play at states on the weekend, but came back to find these photos.  Not only did he play, but he was also chosen to captain the B team, and he scored a try.


Oscar did play (after all it was his very last game as high school captain) even though he was still really sick from the fluy thing he had last week.  He wasn't on for long stretches of time, but he did get out there.

 The A team was at the bottom of the league (first year that they've been bumped up to As) but they won both their games.  The new B team weren't so successful, but as it's the first time the school has been able to field two teams at states, it was a very good day.
And, yes, that is my husband in the loudest pink shirt ever.  It's his refereeing shirt, although they gave him a special new one after the game.

This week has seen me packing, sorting, throwing out and donating (and sweating- climate training for Singapore) ; all while Matt has been busy filling in visa forms.  We're off to Ottowa on Monday for a week to get new visas so Matt can actually start work HERE (in the US- the Singapore visas will come later).  Of course that means that Kit and Ella are going to miss 4 days of rehearsals for their dance concert.  I had to break the news to their teacher last night, but she seems to think that they are well prepared.


  1. Exciting times all round

  2. Wow – so much to organise, Georgia. Good thing you’re so good at it! Jack commented that Rem would be an intelligent player - following in his big brother captain’s footsteps. Do you think you can record K & E’s last (?) dancing performance? Hope so. x


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