26 May, 2012


One of the hardest things about living so far away from our families is that they don't get to share in the special moments of our kids growing up.  Which is why there is an inundation of photos and blogging about our kids this week.  

Last night Oscar had his senior scholarship prize giving ceremony and the awards ceremony.  Poor lad; he's been sick in bed for 2 days with a similar thing to what floored me a few weeks ago.  He was exhausted after having to sit on stage for 2 1/2  hours last night.

The school sends out letters saying that the student has won a scholarship/award, but they don't tell them what it is.  A bit tough on some of them who've applied for certain things...a boon for others; one kid got 8 different scholarships.

Oscar's scholarship that he was awarded was for wrestling.  

"awarded to a senior wrestler who embodies the values personified by the Coach of honesty, integrity, and respect.  This student-athlete has leadership ability on and off the mat along with a strong commitment and passion to the sport of wrestling."

 He had applied for another scholarship (on the insistence of his wrestling coach), but didn't get it, so this came as a complete surprise to him. (Oh, and there is no rugby scholarship)

 We think that the money will be put to good use (along with any birthday money) getting him a lap top with some graphic design software/photoshop so that he can continue to work on his art next year.

 It was presented to him by the team manager.

 After that was the award ceremony.  Once again he didn't know what he was getting.  He was bummed that he didn't get the photography award, but he didn't do photography this year, and it is only awarded to seniors.  But he did get a graphic design award.  The teacher had framed one of his pieces for him.

All good.  He went to school today although he called from the nurse's office me to say he wasn't feeling great, but didn't have a temperature (I'm sure that's just because he took medication before school).  He's so worried about not being well enough to play in the state rugby finals on Sunday....
And it's Memorial day weekend here.  A long weekend, so Kit, Ella and I are off to VT this afternoon. Our car has been handed back, but we've managed to borrow a car, so it's all packed with more stuff to take up.  Have a great weekend!


  1. Congratulations Oscar!! That's fantastic. Sorry to hear you didn't get a scholarship but maybe there's something better waiting for you.
    Nan xxx

  2. Good one Oscar,
    but I don't know whether your Wrestling blue will be enough to get you a run with the Sydney Swans,but possibly the Western Sydney Giants...but for your Graphic Design ...well the possibility of a life with Photoshop...hmmm...

  3. Wow, Osc! Congratulations on the scholarship and the graphic design award. I'm so proud of you - like all your rellies back here in Australia.
    Hugs, Grandma xxxx

  4. This is amazing. We have missed so much!! Congratulations Oscar - so growed up.
    Maggie XXXX

  5. oh well done Osc, some fantastic awards there.


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