21 April, 2012

More house

One of my favourite updates this week has been one of the quickest and easiest. Spray painting the heating duct covers. From this:

To this:

Makes such a huge difference for 1/2 hour of work. I still have some more to do.

Some of the boulders that Matt and Oscar moved...I think these may become decorative landscaping elements as Matt said they're not moving them again.

This area used to covered with trees and brambles. From this we've excavated enough stones to do our (awesome) front path, and will eventually pave it. The boys worked hard again this morning and have it almost ready to go, but it's going to have to sit like that for a while as it's just starting to be blackfly season and the boys were being seriously plagued by them this morning (they bite).

Remi and I did our first bit of electrical work and putt his light in. Now we can open that cupboard. I am in the process of painting the ceiling (white) - just taking a break right now.

This is what this corner used to look like:

The light that was there got stripped down to it's bare bones (ages ago) and moved into the dining room. That required our electrician to come and help rewire it, as there was some really weird wiring going on there (hence the photo of a hole in the ceiling with wires from yesterday). The ceiling medallion was already there but was a disgusting colour. A bit of spray paint, and I love it now.

Not my favourite light fixture in the world, but it does the trick and is so much better than what was there before. And free.

The room looks so much taller because the chandelier is smaller.

This is the chandelier we took out. It weighed about 30 pounds...the medallion was painted the same colour as the lamp shades.

And here's a reminder of what the dining room used to look like (this is one of the listing photos for the house). It may not look that low, but seriously, if you were standing up to serve food at the table (which as parents we tend to do) you would bang your head on that light.

I can't wait to finish the walls on either side. This painting may cover most of the wall, but it doesn't disguise the wall completely, and now we have the wall on the other side to match.

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  1. busy gal, good stuff

  2. far out, I can't believe the difference in that dining room!!!


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