06 April, 2012

birthday boy.

Sweet 16.  Our Remi.
Birthday hugs with Ella in the morning (she was hamming it up)
 She makes the best birthday cards ever.
 Some gifts...
 Bacon and Eggs for breakfast (Remi was dictating what photos I took).
 Surprise (decoy) muffins for after school...much appreciated as it's been a sugar free zone around here for a month or so.

 And the decoy was for the main event: a surprise birthday cake brought up to Rugby training.  There was a supposed to be a game tonight which was cancelled, but I went ahead with the cake...hid it in my friend's fridge and invited some of his friends (that don't play rugby) to meet us at the end of training.
 And it was a TOTAL surprise.  Brilliant!

I think he's had a good day.

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