22 March, 2012

My curio bowl

This used to be the fish's bowl until he, ah, jumped out into the ashes in the fireplace.  Now it houses bits of nature that I find interesting.

Been pottering (puttering?) today.  Played around in my studio; made some little books for Ella to draw in, sorted some stuff, soaked my stamp collection off their envelopes - things like that.  I wasn't really in a mood to make anything in particular, and at the moment I can't work on the big crochet blanket as my knee is playing up and I can't really bend it.

 So yes, my gymming has had to be canned for now too.  I'm still doing my 100 burpee challange (which strangely doesn''t hurt my knee), where you start with one burpee and 6 inch jump when you come up on day one and add one every day until you get to 100.  I'm at day 23 today.  I can do about 11 in a row and then break the rest up.  I'm doing it with Kit.  It's good- it keeps us honest.  And if you miss a day you have to do both amounts the next day.  Great incentive not to miss a day.  Kit did that once, and he was very, very sore.


  1. burpees are awesome! I love your bowl of stuff.. I have a basket of stuff just like that. Aggie took the penguin skull out and ate it a few weeks ago!!!!

  2. Wow! I'm impressed - I don't quite know what burpees are, but they sound in credibly energetic!

    Well done, but watch the knee. mum xxx


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