17 March, 2012

European Badger

 This little guy is really hard to photograph.  He looks so much better in the flesh (fabric?).  The third photo is closest to how the colours actually look.
 I think it's the high contrast between the black and white.

The black fabric is a fine corduroy that was actually a dark green that I over-dyed black.  I was really lucky last week and picked up a MASSIVE pile of remnant fabrics at the thrift store for $5.  Some of them had that musty-been-sitting-around-somebody's-house-for-a-while smell, but washing them in hot water and dyeing some of them made them like new.
[Had another thrifty score today.  Picked up 11 DVDs, 9 hard backed books and an audio book for $14 at the library book sale.  I love our library- it is actually recognised as one of the best in the country].

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  1. He is just adorable! And you scored big time at the library sale. I thought I was doing well today with 5 books from the second-hand bookshop for $13.50!


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