01 March, 2012

Hoping to resume regular programming

It's been one of those weeks so far.  I feel a bit like a zombie.  Getting back into early morning routines is hard enough, but combine that with giving up coffee and sugar and hitting the gym hard again, and well, I don't quite know where I am.  Yes, things were getting that bad that I had to take some drastic measures.

I've not really made anything all week.  Unless baking an orange cranberry date loaf for school lunches counts.  The original recipe was for a date loaf with lots of sugar, so I played around with the recipe (I always do); I suppose at least I was being creative.  I am hoping to resume regular programming in the near future.

Fortunately things haven't been catastrophic as I am allowing myself tea.  It's funny, I usually drink tea from a mug, and I enjoy it ( I have it with milk).  But when I have it in a proper cup, especially if it's first made in a teapot, I REALLY LOVE it.  I feel it reviving me, nurturing me. I went and bought myself this little cup from the local op shop (thrift store) just so I could use real teacup everyday.  I also try to make a pot in the afternoon when the little kids come home from school (the other two don't usually come home until dinner time).  Matt bought this lovely teapot for me for a birthday present a few years ago.  It is enormous.  I do love it, but unfortunately it doesn't pour well; it makes a terrible mess.  So now I'm on the look out for a little one just for me; preferably from the op shop.  I may even be tempted to make a little tea cosy.  My grandmother always had a pot of tea in a well worn tea cosy when we went to visit.  And she always made us a cake.

I have been thinking a lot about her lately.  Especially when I make tea.  She was a knitter, a baker, a maker of jams.  She used to sell her goods at two local shops which were mainly staffed by older women such as herself.  I wonder what she would have made of this world of blogging.  Of the exchange of ideas and inspiration that goes on with computers these days?  I wish she was still around; I'd love to ask her for some of the recipes I took for granted growing up:  Ginger Cake, Apple Jelly Jam.  And to show her some of the things I've made.  I will have to settle for continuing her tradition of a fresh pot of tea and cake for when someone comes to call.


  1. Pretty pic! Love the thrifted teacup!

    I feel for you; giving up sugar is hard, but for me, hitting the gym is harder! I have never been to a gym in my life!! But I badly need to exercise. Must do that. Soon. xx

  2. awww, cool cool. Love tea too. My have is caramel roibos. yum. 1st day of Autumn here and I have a doona on my lap as I edit. Looking forward to seeing more creative things form you soon xx

  3. grandma's son has recently switched over to tea, from coffee don't get too surprised, after his trip to Tassie where everybody made him tea, still has sugar but,and no he doesn't make cake.
    He remembers his sister introducing computers to his mum, a somewhat bizarre experience and not a success, though she liked the idea (that must have been in the early 90's... but he is certain she would loved to have blogged (incessantly)if she had got the hang of it...a big if but...
    Now back to uni stuff, just finished my last not uni art for a while oh and tea for the old bloke means teabags...mum would hav been terribly dismissive. But nearly time for a light beer.


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