10 January, 2012


I always find January 1st such an arbitrary date for beginning the "new year" and even more so this year.  With semester "finals" coming up for the kids next week, semester endings for dance this week (including lots of observation days- stand by for lots of photos), and me finally being back on my thyroid medication and hopefully getting back to a state of normality, it neither feels like the end of an old year, nor the second week of a new.  It just is.

So in the spirit of that, here's some ballet photos of Kit and Ella's Monday class (for family).  But first, this is how my boy goes to class: A big thick tartan hoodie, stripy long shorts, midcalf socks and thongs.  Seriously.  I have learned not to make a fuss- the more of a fuss I make, the worse it gets.
( Ella is in the purple skirt.)

I wish I could have videoed Kit doing turns across the room.  As one grandparent said on the way out; "you know what you are doing, young man".


  1. They are lovely Georgia. Ella looks beautiful in her poses and I can remember seeing Kit doing some turns and jumps when I was over there & he was very good.

    mum xxx

  2. Ella so looks the part - ellagant, I guess. I think Kit is gutsy and wonderful. I see him with the girl in green socks...
    but was sad to hear the grandparent was on his way out...

  3. awww, you look so beautiful Ella. And Kit.... sometimes I wonder if you and Hattie are brother and sister! She wears the weirdest clothes too!!!! My sister Sarah took them out to the museum yesterday and had to stop herself from laughing when Hattie came out of her room!


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